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Tier 2 PBIS

Page history last edited by Chris Borgmeier 8 years, 11 months ago

School-wide PBIS

Tier 2/Targeted Systems

Created by Chris Borgmeier, PhD


Implementation of Tier 2 PBIS Systems should be built on a strong foundation of Universal/Tier 1 SW-PBIS implementation (80%+ on the SET/TIC/BOQ -- see www.pbisassessment.org


This page provides a training series with materials & resources for implementation of a system of Tier 2 interventions, assessment & decision making. 

  • Tier 2 PBIS systems utilize a regular teaming process and data for early identification of students at-risk for behavioral challenges. 
  • Tier 2 systems are intended to be efficient, cost effective interventions and supports designed to serve at least 15-20 students at one time. Implementation involves school-wide training of school staff to understand processes for student referral, intervention, progress monitoring and decision making. 
  • Effective implementation of a Tier 2 system requires committment and resources, it is important to plan for the teaming processes and the personnel resources and FTE (estimate 10 hours/week) to carry out the coordination (see CICO Coordinator Handbook) and implementation of Tier 2 interventions and processes in advance of receiving training. 
  • Check-In/Check-Out (CICO), also called the Behavior Education Program (BEP) among other names, is the foundational Tier 2 intervention in this sequence. The research support, efficiency, and data system embedded in CICO make it the best core intervention for Tier 2 systems. 


NWPBIS Conference Workshop - Tier 2 Systems - Eugene, March 4th, 2015


Systematic Supervision


Hayward Day 2 -- April 2015


Training 1 - Development of Check-In/Check-Out (1.5 Days)






Training 2 - Data Teaming for CICO 


Training 3 - Advanced Implementation of CICO 



Training 4 - Introduction to Tier 3 & Function-Based Intervention


Additional Materials & Resources




Previous Trainings - CICO & Data Teaming


This site was developed by Chris Borgmeier, PhD

Portland State University Department of Special Education

Contact Chris at cborgmei@pdx.edu




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